💥 As soon as you start implementing the strategies you get within this guide you will begin to see your engagement start to build.

Remember consistency is KEY to great social media, so expect that momentum to build over time.

Stay consistent! 🗝️🔑

Social Media is a pay-to-play world so getting engagement organically can be hard to get at times.

But following my coaching quick guide will have your engagement growing right away. Therefore, growing your business online as well.

Hi, I'm Kerrie

My name is Kerrie D. Barker and I am the owner of KB Social Media!

KB Social Media started as a fun project while I was marketing my beauty business, Gorgeous-Glamour. In addition to practicing the art of makeup, I am a licensed Esthetician and I still maintain my own and contribute to larger beauty blogs. Through my connections to the blogging world, I was asked to help others start their own social media accounts. I discovered that I had a knack for it and most importantly a passion to do it! After gaining some great knowledge and experience in those first few months and with the encouragement of my twin sister Kellie who truly set me off on the right path, KB Social media became a reality.

I still love all things beauty and with my focus on social media, I have the opportunity, knowledge, and know-how to help your business be beautiful too. I love my clients and have built myself a little reputation with some as the social media queen, a title I don’t take for granted. I have found so much joy in helping others reach their social media and marketing potential!

"Your brand's success depends on leveraging your relationships."

-Kerrie D. Barker

Social Media Advisor



Why do you need engagement?

➡️ It builds relationships online with current and potential clients/customers.

➡️ When engagement is created it can help boost the post back to the top of the newsfeed. Keeps you top of mind!

🔥Much more insight and a great post example inside the guide!

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